Website Updates & Maintenance

Website Update, Upgrade & Maintenance

It is very important to regularly update and perform regular maintenance of your website. Websites serve as a means of communication and provides information to keep people updated about your services, programs, products, recent news and announcement and much more. Regular website update and maintenance also help to maintain high rankings of your website in search engine results. We provide regular website updates, maintenance, content creation, fixing bugs  as well as on-site and offsite optimization in a timely manner. Our website updates and maintenance services include:

  • Website contents update and creation
  • Add and remove pages, images, graphics, news, articles, etc.
  • Website design changes 
  • Virus removal and bug fixing
  • Update of shopping cart product and price changes 
  • Regular maintenance of websites
  • Software update and installation of new software
  • Security updates
  • On-site optimization
  • SEO changes
  • And much more