Tailoring services

Tailoring & Alteration Services

SinnahTech Tailoring offers professional and top-notch tailoring, alterations and custom design services at affordable prices. Our tailors have experience in designing, sewing quality clothing and providing other range of services. We have artistic backgrounds and extensive tailoring knowledge and experience that allows us to find the best creative and innovative solution for all your tailoring and alteration needs.

Tailoring Services

  • Sewing new clothing such as suits, dress, garments, special costumes and more.
  • Sewing ashobie, school uniform, Polo, T-shirts, etc.
  • Sewing African attire
  • Custom fit your cloths
  • Alteration services such as wedding dress, gown, tradition African clothing, & more
  • Hemming, stitching, etc.
  • Repair & Mending tears in old clothing
  • Dry cleaning
  • Sales
  • And much more