Computer Services

Affordable & Reliable Services: Setup, Software, repairs & Maintenance

Affordable Computers, Laptops, Tablets & Mobile device Services

SinnahTech provides reliable and affordable PC & Mac computers, laptops, tablets, mobile device services, softwares, and accessories. We understand that a computer and mobile devices can malfunction at any time or sometimes need to improve the performance of your computer and devices. We provide on-site services as well as remote services using our screen sharing program and with your permission, to troubleshoot, repair, set up, installation, upgrade, data recovery/back up, IT support and perform other services.


Software Installation, Repairs, Desktop Publishing & more

We provide software installation, upgrade, repair and other services for computers and mobile devices including:

  • Data Backup, transfer & recovery
  • Crashing software & application
  • Virus, spyware, malware, etc.
  • Tune ups slow computer or device,
  • Windows locked,
  • Login isses or lost password
  • Network Setup 
  • And much more.

Hardware Repairs

We can diagnose and fix hardware problems of your device including re-installation to get your device back running effectively. These include replacement of parts, hardware, motherboard, screen freezes, blue screen, over-heating hardware installation and upgrade and much more.  Our computer repair and support services also include:

  • Network diagnostics.
  • Internet diagnostics and repair.
  • Printer diagnostics and repair.
  • Internet connectivity troubleshooting.
  • VPN (virtual private network) services.
  • Security analysis.
  • Penetration and investigation services.
  • Penetration and mitigation analysis.
  • And much, much more.

We repair all PC hard drive issues and Mac hard drive issues including crashing software / applications, Computer virus infection, Spyware / pop-up issue, Failing hard drive or RAM. Corrupted operating system, Lack of storage capacity, Data recovery, new computer set up.

Regular update,Upgrade & Maintenance

Out team perform regular update, upgrade and maintenance of various computers, including PC and Mac as well as laptops, tablets and other mobile devices. These services include: update of programs & apps, reconfigure system setup, removal of temporal files, partition of hard drive, install & setup drive, install more memory and much more.

Internet Support Services

We fix internet related issues including installations, run ethernet cables, setup of internet equipment, configure router & switch, fix wireless issues and much more.

Help Desk, Technical Support & Consulting Services

Sinnah Tech Innovation provides onsite and online or remote support services and consultation. Need help, contact us today.