About Us

Who We Are

Sinnah Tech Innovation is a leader in providing a wide range of comprehensive and integrated services and products to customers in Serra Leone and other countries through innovative technology, design, planning, management, business solutions, best practices and other initiatives. We work closely with our partners to provide our clients with the services, products and support they need. We are customer and business-focused enterprise that have the expertise to help customers,  We are dedicated and transparent in what we do and professional in the services we provide to customers at affordable prices.

Customer relationship

Our fundamental values include customer-centric and business focused approach. We strive to build stronger relationship with our customers so that we can ensure they receive the services and products they need.

Partner relationship

We recognize that partners are integral to the operation and success of our business enterprise. We strive to build collaborative and trusting relationships with our partners. Our local presence with a network of partners around the world enhance our strengths and capacities in providing comprehensive and integrated services to meet the needs of our customers globally.


Meet our Directors

Thomas D. Sinnah

Lead Developer & Technologist

David Sinnah

Lead Designer & Planner